Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 162: Prolonged eye contact [and Mike]

Day 162
Today, I need to have prolonged eye contact with everyone I meet.
I’ll admit I forgot to do this earlier.
I did keep eye contact with one of the girls in the sorority (there was an ice cream social this morning), but that was more of a we’re talking and I’m being polite.
If I remember, I’ll continue with the eye contact thing. But I’m not seeing many people. Mike’s here and we’re spending the day together.
It’s a fun day. I love Mike so much.

Maybe I talk about Mike too much.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 161: Compose a poem [and Zumba]

Day 161
Today, I need to compose a poem and leave it in a public place.
It’s raining miserably hard today and it’s just so gross out.
I fall asleep in my English lecture, and then I have a quiz in the discussion afterwards. So, I fail that.
Then I go to my music class and take a test, which I don’t think I fail.
When I’m done, I write a short sort of a poem on the desk. (the desk was already covered with graffiti.)
It reads:
You are
Remember that.
Only sort of a poem. Really short. But my task is done.
Later, I go to another activity for the sorority I want to join. It’s Zumba fitness.
It’s one of the most intense workouts I’ve had in a while, but it’s so fun!
And now I’m really really sweaty.


I'm sleepy this morning.
had a dream classes were cancelled and now they're not. tear.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 160: Avoid Mirrors

Day 160
Today I have to avoid mirrors.
Finally! Something that’s doable and I understand!
So I try, really hard. Three times I do catch myself in the mirror, though. It’s hard to avoid mirrors when they’re in every bathroom and even one in my dorm.


I don't really like mirrors.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 159: Counterfeiting! [and fire drill]

Day 159
Today I have to make a $10 bill turn into $100.
I don’t have a $10 bill. I can’t do this.
So of course, today sucks.
In one class, I have a quiz. In my other class, there’s review for a test.
Boo. Tests suck.
Plus it’s humid and raining and I am just tired. At least Glee’s tonight.
We had a FIRE DRILL.


I remember that night. sucked, but not as much as a few nights ago when the fire alarm went off at 3am.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 158: Break a Commandment [and near miss]

Day 158
Today, I need to break one of the Ten Commandments.
Oh my God!
I’m done.
I don’t feel like going to class today, but I do anyways.
Nothing really interesting happens until after classes. I go to an event for the sorority I want to join. We’re tie-dying shirts.
It’s fun. I’m talking to the other girls and not being the shy person I normally am.
One of the other girls is from San Jose, like me. Small world.
Then, after that when I’m walking back to my dorm, I almost get hit by a truck. It’s a scary experience, seeing a large truck driving right towards you and realizing that the driver does not see you and isn’t going to stop oh shit
I was able to run out of the way just in time. Obviously. Or I wouldn’t be writing this.


I remember that day. it was an interesting day.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 157: Act like a chess piece [and the Big E]

Day 157
Today, I need to act like a chess piece. I choose bishop—intelligent and devious.
Mike’s taking me to the Big E today. It’s a huge event around here, a big expo.
It takes a while to get there due to the traffic, but when we get there it’s worth it.
Food there is good. First thing we get is corndogs, and for some reason they just taste better than a normal corndog. Yum.
Then some cream puffs which are supposedly famous, and they’re really good.
We walk around for a while looking at things. It’s fun being with Mike.
We see a small petting zoo that offers rides on elephants. I want to ride the elephant, but Mike points out they abuse the animals and paying is bad. So, no riding the elephant. But we do watch it. At one point, when it’s standing right next to us, it picks up a playing card that was laying flat on the ground with its trunk. I knew elephants had prehensile trunks, but I didn’t know they were that adept with them.
And a bit later, the elephant grabs its trainer’s ankle and tries to pick him up. The guy has to grab onto a nearby railing to keep from being lifted completely off the ground.
Mike and I walk around a while longer, see some more cool things. By now we’re both pretty tired, so we just go on some of the rides, walk through the buildings that have displays from each state in New England, sample local foods, and then go.
We go back to Mike’s house and hang out there for a while, then I have to go back to the dorm. Mike comes with me and we hang out here for a while. Then he leaves.
He forgets to say goodbye when he leaves and I know it was an accident, but it kind of hurts.


I remember that day. that was a fun day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 156: Redesign everyday product

Day 156
Today I need to redesign an everyday product.
I go to the mall with Mike, partly for inspiration and partly because I need a new sports bra.
We go to a bunch of stores. Mike gets job applications from most of them (I so hope he gets a better job than what he has) and I just hang out with him, browsing places.
Then I get sick. Blah.
I get Pepto-Bismol, feel a bit better, but by now I need to go. Mike has to go to work and he needs to drop me off at the bus station first.
He drops me off, but the bus doesn’t show up. It’s only 40 minutes till the next one, but that’s a boring 40 minutes. And Mike is at work and can’t just drive me back to the dorm.
Then when I’m at the dorm, I remember something. That something is ohshit I have a paper due Wednesday I haven’t started on! So I quickly do some work and I’m caught up to where I should be if I’d started earlier.
And now I’m just chilling. My stomach’s still a bit upset, but I’ll be okay.


didn't actually do the task. huh.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 155: Go to confession [and Mike]

Day 155
Today I’m supposed to go to confession.
One of the things I learned from Catholic school? You can’t go to confession if you’re not Catholic.
I start the day early, making breakfast for Mike. Chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. I don’t know why I’m doing this for him, but it’s fun.
We spend the whole day together, except when I need to go to class. We don’t really do anything, just hang out and be happy that we’re together.
Tonight we go to see a movie. Easy A. I consider this to fulfill my task because there’s a scene where the main character’s in a confessional (but no one’s on the other side).
Then Mike leaves. But I’m seeing him tomorrow.


Why am I still bothering with this blog?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 154: Hard Work Day

Day 154
Today, I honestly don’t understand the task. It’s confusing.
So I don’t follow it, and of course my day is bad.
I leave the dorm a half hour late, so I have to rush through breakfast and I forget things I need.
Which means running back to my dorm between classes and it sucks.
But it gets better after classes are done. I finish an essay, and now I’m just sitting here waiting for tomorrow. ‘cause I get to see Mike.

Too much on my mind today, no comment

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 153: Talk to a plant [and sorority]

Day 153
Today I’m supposed to talk to a plant.
I keep forgetting to do this every time I’m outside. Today is kind of boring, but it’s really really hot.
I pass a plant on the way to one of my classes and I say hi to it.
I go to this information meeting for a sorority I’m trying to join. I want to join it even more after the info session.
And that’s pretty much my whole day. Yeah.

I'm not a sorority person. Ended up getting rejected.
...trying again this year.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 152: Letter to the future [and quizzes]

Day 152
Today I need to write a letter to the future.
I start my day way too early. 8 am.
I have to go to English class, and I’m really not fond of that class. But whatever, I need it.
And of course we have a quiz today. This isn’t good.
I have a quiz in my other class today too. Blahhhh.
For some reason, I thought Mike would be here today. That reason’s probably I pretty much asked him to be here. And he isn’t.
I hang out with Ariel for a while, and we talk about Glee and boyfriends and all sorts of other fun things.
Then I’m back in my dorm, talking to Mike online, and he suddenly leaves. I’m kind of annoyed because first he doesn’t come here, then he doesn’t even talk to me?
But then there’s a knock on my door and Mike’s here! I am so ridiculously happy.
We hang out and he watches Glee with me. He is a good boyfriend.


I still have that letter, still unopened.
I'd have more comments but I'm tired and discouraged.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 151: Dinosaurs

Day 151
Today, I’m supposed to pick out my favorite dinosaur and see if it’s represented at the local natural history museum.
I don’t know of a local natural history museum. Nor do I know the technical name of my favorite dinosaur.
It’s whatever Ducky was in Land Before Time.
I start my day by waking up early and just chilling in my dorm. I’m up 3 hours before my first class.
I go to classes, hang out in my dorm, don’t do anything interesting. After my last class I decide to look up if there is an actual local natural history museum.
I’m surprised to find there is, but I don’t know if they have a Ducky, since obviously that’s not the actual name of the dinosaur.
House premieres tonight. I’m excited until I actually see it—it’s not one of the best episodes. But whatever, it was still good!


Anyone know what kind of dinosaur Ducky is?
I tried to look it up & didn't find out, just learned that the girl who voiced her was murdered. That's so sad.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 150: Spend the day underwater

Day 150
Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. This be not fer th’Book, it just is.
Th’Book says I need t’spend the day underwater. So, I take a long shower this morn.
Th’air has water, so I’m underwater all th’time. I’m done already!
I’m failin’ at th’Talk Like a Pirate. How d’yeh do it, anyways?
I visit Mike. His church is havin’ a potluck an’ a campfire. I bring my cookies.
I like spendin’ time with him. It’s weird only a bit, later, when they’re all singin’ church songs ‘round the fire, an’ I know none of ‘em.
Mike takes me back t’th’dorm soon. An’ when we’re there, I see I have a new roommate now.
‘er name’s Cecilia. She seems nice. Just weird, I weren’t expectin’ a new roommate today.


I ended up hating this girl.
She wouldn't talk to me, she was always in the room, and I started to go crazy from lack of privacy.
I have a single now. I love it.

and I know it's not Talk Like A Pirate day now. written a year before, blahblahblah

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 149: Solve a world crisis [and Mike]

Day 149
Today I need to solve a world crisis.
I can’t in the morning. I’m still upset over Mike cancelling plans.
I volunteer to help with cleaning the church so I can see him, but I’m still really upset. This is really the first time I’ve been mad at him, really mad, and I don’t like it. I’m afraid that it’s going to lead to a real fight and I don’t like this!
But luckily, when I see him, he just lets me cry and yell at him. And I feel better, and seriously, how lucky am I? My boyfriend is so perfect.
Cleaning the church actually doesn’t take too long. I don’t actually do much, mostly just follow Mike around and watch him clean.
(oh crap it’s 10 minutes to midnight, I better solve this crisis before I finish this entry—just get the troops out of the middle east, force schools to have a lot more teachings about tolerance no matter gender race religion sexual orientation, and next time there’s a big oil spill, try turning off the oil that’s leaking out that broken pipe)
I hang out with Mike for a while after that, pretty much just watching How I Met Your Mother until I have to go.
When I’m back at the dorm, I bake some cookies because I told too many people I’d bake them for me to not make them now.
Anyways, they turn out great.
I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten almost a quarter of them by now.


I'd have comments on this, but I just watched some awesome TV so I'm kind of distracted.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 148: Leave a note on a car [and Mike can't plan things]

Day 148
Today, I need to leave a note on a car windshield.
Today is a good day. Today is a Mike day.
He’s here early and we get to cuddle and watch TV. It’s very nice.
And after I have class, Mike takes me to the store so that I won’t need to take a bus to the store later. I need some ingredients for cookies I plan to make.
Then we have a fun time watching Princess Bride and I eat an entire pint of ice cream (to make up for losing my emergency ice cream yesterday).
We make plans for tomorrow, and then he leaves.
A little bit later, he texts me saying we have to cancel our plans for tomorrow. He’s helping clean his church and he can’t see me.
I’m upset and annoyed. He’s done this before, cancelling plans on me because he’s agreed to help someone. I feel like I shouldn’t be mad at him, he’s got a legit reason, but still.


Mike is still not good at planning things, but he got a calendar, so that's helping.
I still have to make plans for us half the time. It gets a little frustrating, but it's how we work, so.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 147: Change someone's mind

Day 147
Today, I’m supposed to change someone’s mind.
I don’t. And it’s a crappy day.
I have emergency ice cream in my freezer for days like this, but I find out it’s melted and gone bad. So I don’t even have that.
I don’t even want to talk about today, really. Tomorrow you’ll get more.


No comments today, have to run to class

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 146: Last Words [and auditions]

Day 146
Today, I need to decide what my last words will be.
I think I’ll quote Peter Pan: “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”
It’s really one of my favorite quotes, so why not?
Today starts with me learning that I did not get a callback for the audition I had on Monday. You didn’t hear about that then because Mike didn’t mention it, but I auditioned for the theater department shows—Bernard Alba and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.
I go to classes, and I learn that my first paper for food science—I mentioned a while ago I have to write a short paper weekly, right?—isn’t due till next week. So all the work I did on it over the weekend was for nothing. And it’s not like I can turn this in later, now that I’ve learned more about the papers, I realize the one I wrote is worthless.
The irony of this makes me laugh. And then sob.
At least my math class is easy today. We learn about Roman numerals. This is a numbering system I’ve known and understood for years, and most of my classmates aren’t getting it. I’m okay with that, I will be perfectly fine with an easy A.
Now, I’m just waiting till I go to another audition. This time, it’s for the Not Ready For Bedtime players—a group that does skits about sexual health. Their show is good, so being part of them should be fun. If I make it. I doubt I will.
I didn’t even get to audition. I just went there and the audition slots were already full.
So yeah, I just finished my crying over that. I really want to be part of something and I continue to lose out on chances.
Also, I just lost the game. There’s no one around right now to tell that to, so I’ll just mess with people in the future.
Hey, that might be fun to say as my last words.
Nah, I like the Peter Pan quote better.
Besides, I think Mike might’ve wanted to use those as his last words, so.


I'm over the auditioning thing now. I don't need to be in a show. It was fun in high school, and now, I have other interests. Writing, geeky sci fi stuff, this is where I'll be in the future.
And besides, geeky scifi stuff can lead to some acting. LARPing is fun.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 145: Create an Urban Legend [and auto-correct]

Day 145
Today, I’m supposed to create an urban legend.
I’ve tried doing this before, to be honest. Didn’t work out.
So I’ll make up one now, and all my loyal followers? Spread it around.
A few years ago, I was traveling across the country with my family. When we were in Kansas, we went to a zoo. There was an escaped fox running around. It was a cute thing, really, ran across our path at one point. Didn’t seem too afraid of us.
I’d heard as we were leaving that the fox had escaped because one of its cubs had escaped. It had gotten in the cage with a bear or a wolf or something, I don’t know what, just something that could definitely hurt it. Anyways, it got into the cage, rescued its cub, and then returned to the safety of its own cage with no one hurt. Animals are pretty amazing, huh?
A lot of that is true.
Guess how much.
Today, I start the day with English. That’s only a fun class because I get to hang out with Ariel.
Unfortunately, today Ariel points out to me that we’ve got a paper due in 10 days and the professor hasn’t given us a prompt yet. That’s just great.
But the professor says in class that the prompt will be online today. That’s good.
The rest of my day is pretty boring. I decide that tonight I’m going to audition for an improve troupe on campus. I don’t think I’ll make the cut, but it’ll be fun to try.
After my classes, I try to start working on my English paper, only to find out that, no, the prompt isn’t online yet. Greaaat.
I go to audition for an improve troupe, but I can’t. I eat my dinner way too fast before it and then just feel too sick to go.
So I walk around for a while to feel better, and then get back to my dorm to take some Pepto-Bismol. I do feel better after that.


auto-correct changed 'improv' to 'improve'. blah.
I thought I'd have more followers by now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 144: Men Only [entry from Mike]

Day 144
Today’s entry comes from Mike:
today's task: "Men Only: Celebrate your masculinity by doing the things only you can do." because my girlfriend's "sex organs are aesthetically pleasing" [House M.D. Season 4] it doesn't apply to her, so she asked me to do it. Anyway, because we're talking about this over AIM, to tease her, i'm sitting here without a shirt on, and i've been walking around without one on. [Ha! you girls can't do that. walk around wherever you please without a shirt on.] Also, because its what she suggested i do, i peed while standing up.


He didn't really want to write an entry. but I'm glad he did.
I'd ask him to write a follow-up, but he's at school while I'm writing this.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 143: Friendship Coupons [and dogs]

Day 143
Today, I can’t do my task until about 5 pm.
I’m supposed to hand out friendship coupons to people, but the coupons are in the Book and the Book is still at the dorm.
The day starts normally anyways, no bad luck yet. I’m just eating breakfast and watching TV.
But I’m going to go on a hike with my parents soon, around a lake.
On that hike, my bad luck starts. While we’re eating lunch, this dog comes over and is playfully trying to sniff Molly (my dog) and Molly mostly ignores him.
So the dog then pays attention to our food—namely, my sandwich sitting next to me in a Baggie.
The dog takes the whole thing and eats it, bag and all. It’s kind of hilarious, would be more hilarious if it wasn’t my lunch.
This dog of course is not the only ill-behaved dog I meet. There’s another one who’s a puppy and who is huge and just wants to bounce all over everyone. He’s cute, but it’s so annoying that he can’t be controlled—and his owner is nowhere in sight! Just letting him run all over the trails off leash.
Dogs off the leash are okay at times, but that one just wasn’t.
Anyways. I get back to the dorm, and I would be handing out friendship coupons, but after my parents leave, I see literally no one. Not good for the day.

I remember that dog.
I'm afraid of stray dogs actually. Just sometimes. I was chased by one when I was little.
I'm not afraid of dogs with visible owners, but stray ones make me nervous.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 142: Senseless Day--Taste [and blogging]

Day 142
To be honest, I left the Book in my dorm.
I search online to see if someone else has done this and if they give me the challenge. And, hey, someone does! right now, it seems this person’s only a few days ahead of me.
Seems like her copy of the book is different than mine, or she’s paraphrasing it differently than how I would understand it.
Anyways. I’m not supposed to use my sense of taste today. Too bad I figured this out after deciding today I would create my own pie recipe. How am I supposed to make a recipe without tasting it?
Well except for that, I’ll avoid tasting things. Bland food for me today. I can handle that.
I make the pie, and right now it looks good. Looking good is important for pies, right?
Nothing else really happens today. I do eat, but I try to eat more for the sake of getting food into my stomach than for the taste, something kind of hard for me since I’ve been paying attention to food for a long time. I actually just realized while typing that that I have been a foodie for over a year now. That’s over a year of noticing how food is made and how it tastes—and today I’m supposed to go back to my not caring. It’s hard.
I watch Julie & Julia tonight as I eat my pie. (off the record, it tastes good! But I’m not supposed to know that) Ironically, one of the first scenes in the movie is Amy Adams’ character making a pie similar to mine.
This movie is sort of what inspired me to have a blog. It gave me two goals when I first saw it: have a blog with a sort of goal, to make me write every day, and to get famous from it.
That first goal has been met by the Book.
The second goal, depends on how many people are reading this! One great thing about writing my blog out a year beforehand? I don’t have to worry about your approval yet.
But I hope that right now, there is someone out there reading these words and caring about my life, even though when you read this, it’ll be long over.
Wait, that sounds like a suicide note. Just that this part of my life will be long over—hopefully I’m still alive in a year!
In the movie, someone said that Amy Adams’ character should get Paypal so people can give money to her blog. Should I do that, I wonder? It’s not like anyone’s going to send me money to help me on my journey when the journey’s done.
I only decided to do the posting the blog a year after it’s written so that I could make sure people would get regular updates. But now trying to actually think of it as a regular blog, it doesn’t make sense.
Oh well, I do have to stick to it now, it would be weird to randomly start the blog mid-year.
And again the movie’s relating to my life. When her cooking goes wrong, she has an emotional meltdown—and the same thing does happen to me. It’s not fun but it happens.


I'm not getting many readers. Oh well.

I'd like to be famous on the internet. I once was, in the Danny Phantom fandom. I wrote some parodies of the episodes that got popular. Someone even turned them into a comic. I miss that little taste of fame.

I'm not going to ask for money. I really don't have enough readers. I'm not sure I have any.

Although in another attempt to get internet famous, I'm jumping on the My Little Pony bandwagon. New pony blog. Check it out.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 141: Build a birdhouse [and Mike]

Day 141
Today I need to build a birdhouse.
The day starts with me wearing a corset for Mike. I wear it under my clothes as I walk downtown to meet him. It’s a very bad idea.
The corset looks bad under my clothes. It’s poorly-made and itchy and the wires keep poking into me.
Mike seems to like it, though, so that’s good.
We spend some time together, just hanging out and being so happy to see each other, but before he leaves, the conversation gets around to he’s planning to go to college farther away when he’s done with community college.
I get upset. I don’t even know why, I just don’t want him to leave even if it is a while away.
It brings up a whole bunch of other problems—that I just don’t feel like I’m important to him and I don’t think he even loves me.
Of course this is all just me being paranoid, but it doesn’t help that he has to leave and can’t reassure me.
But he does help me with one thing—I tell him I can’t possibly build a birdhouse today, so he gives me a new task. Walk only on the white lines of a crosswalk whenever I cross the street. I’ll do this, hopefully the Book will accept it as an alternate task.
I have a class, and then when I’m done, Mike’s back. I’m happy that I get to talk to him and just get all my worries out and cry on his shoulder. And he does make me feel better.
Then, my dad shows up at my dorm and I go home for the weekend. (It’s been a crazy busy day, hasn’t it? Classes and Mike and going home.)
Once home, I go to pick up my new glasses. They are awesome.

Mike only walks on the white lines of a crosswalk pretty much all the time.
idk why, but whatever. it's one of his idiosyncrasies I guess.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 140: Jam the Line! [and fire drill]

Day 140
Today, I need to prank call the KKK headquarters.
I don’t think I’m going to do this. It’s not smart to call them considering my phone records can be easily found.
I start the day earlyish, going to my classes. It’s a long day filled with class after class after class.
Then I return to my dorm and the full omg I have homework again finally hits me. Not fun.
There’s a fire drill tonight. At least we think it’s a drill until a police car shows up, followed by an ambulance and two firetrucks.
Turns out all it is is that the elevator’s broken. Still, first time something actually happened when the fire alarm went off here. So kind of interesting, but also kind of sucks because it’s cold out there and I gotta pee.


prank calling KKK would be like responding to an internet troll. better just to ignore them.

Today's post. ...which I also put on my other blog.
I'd care more if anyone actually noticed.

Day 139: Clone yourself [and weather issues]

Day 139
Today, I’m supposed to bleed into the Book so that my DNA can be kept and possibly cloned in the future.
I do nick my leg when shaving, but I don’t read today’s task until after I’ve put a Bandaid on the cut.
First time I’ve cut myself, too, and it hurts.
It is so hot and humid today. I had to wake up to really loud thunder followed by a lot of rain—and that made me have to pee really bad, but getting up to pee gave me a headache from the heat. Terrible day so far.
At least I don’t have classes for another 2 hours.
I go to my Food Science class, and the professor lets us out 20 minutes early because of the heat. Seems like it’ll be a good class, except we have to write a short paper every week.
Then later, I go to my math class. It’s not as terrible as I expected it to be—there are only going to be 4 tests in the year, including the final, and homework should be easy. Plus, if a lot of people do the homework, then there won’t be any quizzes. I can handle that.
I realize that I left my scientific calculator at home, but Mike says I can borrow his.
It has cooled down a lot, and I’m feeling pretty good.
I don’t think I’m going to bleed into the Book, though. I don’t want to make myself bleed just for the Book.
I did bleed earlier, the blood itself didn’t end up in the Book. That’s okay, right?
Just to be safe, I lick the book. Saliva has DNA in it, and it would be just as degraded and impossible to clone as the DNA in blood in a million years.
I write my little reason for being cloned: I will be a famous author, studied in schools, and people will want another me so that more amazing books will be created.
I hope they won’t limit future me to just writing, though. I know if I was pushed to write instead of just doing it on my own, I’d hate it. I’d want to do something else.
Wow. The wind is actually getting so strong I’m cold. This is nice!

This morning I had to go to class before breakfast.
I'm dead tired.
this is yesterday's post because I posted to the wrong blog. oops.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 138: Today tie a new knot [and classes]

Day 138
I don’t remember my dreams from last night, so I’m not sure if I had any nightmares.
Today I’m supposed to learn to tie a new knot.
First class today is English. American Identities. I know my friend Ariel’s in that class with me, and I haven’t seen her in a while, so this should be fun.
Apparently she’s not the only one I know in the class—about half the people in my dorm last year are in there too.
The class seems interesting. Less focus on colonial America and slave narratives, more on postmodernism and postwar stories. We’re even going to read some graphic novels.
After class, I go to pick up my textbooks. But there’s a mixup at the store and I don’t get all of them. I could go back, but it is so freaking hot today I just can’t bring myself to move too much.
I go to my next class, Music Appreciation. Apparently we’re starting with a bit about the basics of music, and everything that’s said in class today, I actually know despite my complete inability to read music. Awesome.
It shouldn’t be too hard a class.
Then I have lunch with Ariel and one of her friends, then I go to the activities expo. I get a lot of free stuff, talk to a lot of people about clubs. I think I’ll audition for some plays this year, try to get involved in some clubs, and I’m even thinking about trying to join a sorority.
And then, dinner, and finally, relaxing. It’s so hot and I am so exhausted.
I read a bit about knots and try tying a few on a piece of string. Task complete, yay.


Both of those classes ended up having insufferable teachers.
I'm heading to my first class of this semester in 10 minutes. Let's see how that goes.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 137: Does cheese really give you nightmares? [and I'm selfish]

Day 137
Today, I need to eat 100 oz of cheese to see if I have nightmares.
I’m not sure I did this—I ate a bit of cheddar cheese, but I will be honest that I don’t really know how much 100 oz is.
Anyways. Today I spend the whole day with Mike.
I’m helping his computer club prepare for their bake sale. It’s okay for a while, but as we have to send people out to get more supplies and they take hours, the day starts to drag on.
Eventually, I get upset. I’m hungry and we’ve been there nine hours and I just want to go. It’s of course at this time that my homesickness finally catches up to me, and I suddenly have to cry.
Mike and I do make it out of there, all the cookies and brownies and such complete, but I’m still in such a sucky mood. And he can’t hang out with me long, just about 3 hours.
Ugh. Classes start tomorrow, things should be better then, right?
Let’s see if I have nightmares tonight.


I get crazy selfish when I'm hungry. I'm like a little kid. it's not cool.
I'm homesick now.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 136: Let your parents know you love them [and moving in]

Day 136
Today I need to tell my parents I love them.
Okay. Today I’m moving, so I really do need to tell them this.
I meet my roommate, she seems nice enough. The dorm’s pretty nice.
And then there’s Mike. I missed him so much. I’m happy to see him.
Moving in is a sad nightmare, frustrating and I just want it done.
Then it is done, and my parents are off. I tell them I love them when they leave.
It’s awkward to sleep tonight. But somehow, I manage. Today is okay.


and just like a year ago. I'm moving in today. wish me luck.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 135: Subtext Day [and packing]

Day 135
Today I’m supposed to listen to the subtext of what everyone says.
I don’t like today. I’m so paranoid that I think my parents want to kick me out and send me off to school a day early, I think Mike doesn’t like me, I’m just all upset.
Mostly today’s packing and a lot of crying. Not much to talk about.


Packing is stressful, and this is one of the rare days that a year ago matches today. Packing today to move in tomorrow.
I don't want to but I'm not as paranoid as I was last year.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 134: Today hack into a computer network

Day 134
I’ll be honest, today I packed so much that I completely forgot to do today’s task.
I was supposed to hack into a computer network, which is illegal and impossible for me anyways, so whatever.

I don't remember what happened on this day, soooo...
Happy birthday to Spencer Smith! 
celebrity birthdays are always a good distraction!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 133: Create your own color [and a picture]

Day 133
Today, I am supposed to create a new color.
Okay, I will call this color “Stephanie Red”.
To make it: take natural golden blonde hair, dye it blue. Bleach it and cover it with strawberry blonde to get the blue out. Decide you like strawberry blonde, so redye it yourself at home when it wears out. Then go to the salon and tell them to make it redder. The salon misunderstands and gives you a reddish brown color. Your boyfriend likes the color, so keep it.
You now have Stephanie Red hair. Enjoy.
Also, today I get new glasses, but they won’t be ready for a few days. Too bad, I was hoping for a total makeover.


I am so addicted to dying my hair now.
Here's a picture of Stephanie Red.

Sorry it's sideways. I can't figure out how to rotate it because I am graphically challenged.