Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 223: Keep track of every passing minute

Day 223
Today I’m supposed to keep track of every passing minute. I try, but today’s so boring.
I go volunteer for a psych experiment, earn $10 for letting them measure my brain waves.
Then I need to shower because whatever the solution that they put the electrodes in, it was gross and it got on my hair.
I fell asleep in my first class. And then the discussion part was kind of terrifying. We had to watch a movie about mad cow disease, and it included very graphic scenes of cows being slaughtered. Poor cows.
Then it was pouring rain. I run back to my dorm without an umbrella and I want it to be nice and warm but my roommate HAS THE WINDOW OPEN with a box propping it up. I literally throw that box on the floor, then slam the window shut. I think she got the message, but next time I leave the room, she just opens the window again.
I hate her, okay? She’s a terrible roommate.


I love having a single room now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 222: Vortex

Day 222
Today, I’m supposed to work the word ‘vortex’ into all conversations. I should have done this before but I forgot.
So yeah. I will later.
I totally forgot this which is why I might have almost died in a bus crash. The driver obviously couldn’t drive in the rain and I spent the ride terrified for my life. I don’t really want to talk more, but Mike did surprise me by driving me to the dorm, beating me here, and giving me a big hug. So yeah, that part was nice.
Oh also Mike liked his birthday gift.


I actually forgot what I gave Mike.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 221: Organ donation

Day 221
Today I’m supposed to choose what organs can be donated after I die.
Anything they can use. It’s all cool.


The body is no longer important after death, so why not let other people use it?
Not in a necrophilia way of course, that would be creepy.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 220: Live today as if it were your last

Day 220
Today I’m supposed to live this day as if it were my last.
If I had known this before I went to work? I wouldn’t have gone to work.
I mean, money’s good, but if I’m dying tomorrow, I’m not gonna be able to spend it.
But at least I pig out on McDonald’s burgers and milkshake after work.
I freak out later tonight, ‘cause the internet dies and my dad can’t fix it for like an hour. But then he does, and it’s all good.
How do I live this day as if it were my last? I pig out. I talk to Mike a lot, but I can’t be with him, much as I really really want to.
Anyways, now for some stories as I told them to Mike, about crazy people at my work today.
ghostlyhamburger: 1. A woman who even my manager called crazy. she ordered a coffee in the morning, then sat on one of the barstool kind of chairs for literally two hours just swinging her feet like a little kid.
ghostlyhamburger: then she asked for a coffee refill. I made it for her, overfilled it a little bit, and gave it to her. She asked for some extra cream, no problem, I gave her the little creamer packets. then this conversation:
ghostlyhamburger: "No, I want the kind in the dispenser."
"This is exactly the same."
"I know."
"I want the kind in the dispenser."
ghostlyhamburger: The reason I didn't want to do that is because that coffee is hot (I've burned my hand twice before pouring it) and the cream dispenser tends to splash the coffee. onto my hand.
anyways, gave her the crean, only slightly burned my hand. then she leaned against the table for a full hour before wandering out.
ghostlyhamburger: 2. this one is a nice story. one of the regular customers, this old guy came in and asked for coffee and to pay for it tomorrow. a couple of the regulars ask this, and we're told that no we can't do that.
ghostlyhamburger: the woman in line behind him offered to pay for his coffee, since it was only a dollar. and that was a really nice thing and it was one of those THE WORLD IS GOOD moments.
ghostlyhamburger: after she gave him the money, she said "Happy Thanksgiving". he then commented, after she left, that Thanksgiving was Thursday but apparently some people didn't know that.
hersheykid101: ...
hersheykid101: she just bought you coffee.
hersheykid101: really?
hersheykid101: really??
ghostlyhamburger: He's mentally disabled.
hersheykid101: oh. ok.
hersheykid101: i'll shut up now.
ghostlyhamburger: I probably should have mentioned that at the start of the story.


I remember that day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 219: Test volume levels

Day 219
Today I worked another eight hours, so tired.
Also I’m supposed to test volume levels, see when my parents ask me to turn down the TV. Yeah won’t take long.
Okay, normally my mom would’ve asked me to turn it down by now but idk why she hasn’t. and it’s too loud for me so I give up.


My throat hurts.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 218: Start a collection

Day 218
Today, I’m supposed to start a collection.
It’s Black Friday. So I can easily find something to collect.
I get some Silly Bandz.
I also get most of my Christmas shopping done.
So, then I go to work to pick up my paycheck and see if I’m working this weekend. And apparently I am working. Tonight. For 7 hours.
Um, okay, more money, but I was up really early for shopping.
It turns out to be really dead and they let me go 2 hours early, but now I’m so tired and I haven’t finished my story yet!
So close to finishing. I have to do this tonight, I’m just so close that I can’t wait to be done!


Oh yeah, working. Not doing that this weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 217: Celebrities only [and Thanksgiving]

Day 217
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
Today I’ve got nothing to do because today’s task is for celebrities only. I’m not a celebrity. Yet.
I might finish my NaNoWriMo novel today. I’m at almost 49k words.
It’s a nice Thanksgiving. Lots of food, lots of watching TV and relaxing, lots of not quite making it to that 49k yet. I’m going to bed early, so I’m not finishing today.


nothing else lines up but Thanksgiving does.
that doesn't make sense 'cause I'm tired.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 216: Live for the moment [and sick]

Day 216
Today I feel sick.
I’m supposed to live for the moment, but I can do that later when I’m at home. (Because that’s when the Book decided the moment is.)
I’m sick because of my roommate. The dry air is making my throat hurt, and I’ve told her that, so what does she do? Sleeps with the window open. She seriously opens it every time she enters the room, and then I have to close it.
Anyways. I feel better through lots of Tylenol, Sudafed, water, and cough drops.
I have to give a presentation in one of my classes, but then I’m able to go home. So now I’m just sitting here waiting for my dad to show up. Also waiting for Mike to show up, but I’ve given up on him. He said he’d be here an hour ago, but he hasn’t texted in a while.
I would cry over Mike, but crying would just make my throat hurt worse.
Mike does show up, then my dad shows up, then I go home. I’m so happy to be home.
I really love being here. It’s warm and my throat doesn’t hurt.
I have my truffle at the right moment, except it’s an hour late because I have issues with military time. Oops.


I'm sick at the same time of year as I was last year. interesting.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 215: Greet the new babies

Day 215
Today, I’m supposed to go to the maternity ward of a hospital and greet the new babies.
This depends on if Mike wants to drive me there, and he doesn’t. So to make up for it, we stroll through the baby aisle of CVS. It kind of freaks me out and reassures me that I do not want a baby yet.
Nothing else interesting happens today. I spend time with Mike, yay, and watch Glee, and the end.


I developed antibiotic resistance. fffff

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 214: Test your IQ

Day 214
Today, I’m supposed to test my IQ.
According to the test, it’s 125. Above average.
I’ve always wondered what my IQ is. My parents and past teachers have called me a genius in the past, and though I don’t really think that’s true, I’ve always been curious. What if it is?
Anyways. Mike comes here today in the morning, and that’s nice. But then he has to leave, and that’s sad.
I’m supposed to go to a concert for my music class today. I go to it, stay for the first half, leave, and plan to BS my way through the report.
If any of my music teachers are reading this? YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT YOUR JOB.
But that assignment I had the meltdown on yesterday? It’s been accepted anyways. Yay for that.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 213: Stage a crime

Day 213
Today, I’m supposed to stage a crime in front of a security camera and see if anyone notices.
I don’t really do much all day. Except have a meltdown because I learned about an assignment that I apparently had to do a few weeks ago, but never knew about.
Anyways. I don’t feel like reliving that.
Mike is here right at the tail end of that meltdown, so he helps me.
We walk around for a while, then go to a convenience store near my dorm to buy some food for dinner. There, Mike gropes me in front of the security camera. Crime committed, I guess?
We end up not buying food there, and ordering a pizza instead. Yummy pizza.


I'm not sure why I bother to do this blog anymore.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 212: Write your dreams

Day 212
Today, I’m supposed to write tonight’s dreams in the Book.
So I will tonight. That means during the day, nothing really happens.
Mike surprises me with a visit today. That’s nice. J
I almost forget to use the book, but right before I go to bed, I put it and a pen beside my bed.
Here are the notes I wrote about my dream:
New DP episode
Vlad made more Danny clones—all evil
Danny really hurt Dani, also evil
Darkest DP ever
Something about a van
Vlad kidnapped Jazz
Couldn’t wait to tell Steph about new eps.

So I’m pretty sure that this dream reveals that I’m still fairly obsessed with Danny Phantom. Having a dream about new episodes is really not a new thing for me.
I think everyone who’s been in a TV show fandom and then the show got cancelled, you understand what I mean. It just hurts to have an obsession taken away from you, and even though I’m over that pain, I still really miss how amazing that show was to me.


I still miss Danny Phantom.
I know by this time it's been almost 4 years and it was just a cartoon.
But I lost the fandom.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jour 211: Riot!

Jour 211
Aujord’hui, I’m supposed to riot.
Since I’m vacationing at home, the Book suggests I skip this one.
I spend all of today with Mike, pretty much falling asleep everywhere ‘cause I was up till 4 last night.
Yeah. Still sleepy.


I can't remember why I was up that late.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jour 210: take a lover

Jour 210
Aujord’hui, I will take a lover.
But I’m not going to cheat on Mike so I’m taking Mike as my lover and having illicit relations with him as though we were really hiding a relationship.
We go to see the newest Harry Potter movie at the midnight release. It is pretty awesome.
A woman yells at us because we’re making out a bit before the movie starts. She’s all “THERE ARE KIDS HERE STOP THAT” even though there aren’t that many kids there. I don’t know what her problem was, we weren’t like disgustingly all over each other. We were kissing.
Anyways. Harry Potter was fantastic.


I still can't believe Harry Potter is over. I'm expecting a new book or movie.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jour 209: Smoke 40 cigarettes

Jour 209
Aujord’hui, I need to smoke 40 cigarettes.
I don’t smoke. This book will not make me start smoking.
I had a plan before today that I was going to have some candy cigarettes, but I can’t get to the candy store at the mall.
So what will I do instead?
I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, and I get a new birth control pills.
Then, I have classes, blah, and more classes, more blah. Then when I’m done with classes, Mike’s at work. Boo.
I have to go to a concert for my music class. It’s très boring.
So boring that I get enraged by the time it’s over. It’s so long that I miss taking my birth control pill, the first time I’d be taking this new one, and I get just so pissed off about that.
I’m taking it out on everyone around me but no one’s around me.


My doctor gave me a serious warning about the birth control and that I should take it within 15 minutes of the same time each day.
Haven't gotten pregnant yet doing that, and I'm paranoid to keep it the same way.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jour 208: Sunbathe topless

Jour 208
Aujord’hui, I’m supposed to sunbathe topless.
I can’t really do that. It’s raining, plus it’s illegal. So I settle for skipping wearing a bra today—I still wear a shirt, but nothing underneath.
All that really happens is my boobs itch.
Today I have a math test scheduled to start an hour before Glee. I want to watch Glee. So I power through that test in half an hour and make it back to my dorm with time to spare.
And Glee is awesome. I’m geeking out all through it, laughing so hard at Brittany’s lines and hating on Terri. It’s a fun time and I’m glad I finished my test.


I remember that test, but I can't remember if I passed it.
I remember the professor was like wtf are you suuuuure you're done?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jour 207: Write a philosophy

Jour 207
Aujord’hui, je dois ecrit mon philosophé.
I think that’s right, I’m not looking up anything in my French-English dictionary.
Anyways, I don’t have a philosophy. Nor is there time to sit in a café and write one. So I decide instead to sit on the bus on the way to Mike’s house later and write my story.
Turns out there’s no light on in the bus, and it’s night, so I type my story on my iPod. It’s difficult, but I manage.


writing is fun!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jour 206: Public Argument

Jour 206
Oui, France est pour une semaine.
So today I have to be French too. I’m supposed to have a big public argument.
I make some cupcakes today, because I’m going to a party for some little girls I know. Some people from Mike’s church, their twin daughters, it’s their first birthday. It’s hard to describe my relationship to this family—they’re not quite friends, and I don’t go to their church, but I’ve met them a bunch of times while hanging out with Mike. The girls are absolutely adorable, too.
At the party, Mike is being very clingy and touchy. So I fulfill the public fight requirement by continuing to push him away, even though I love him touching me.
C’est bon.


No comments from today.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jour 205: French week

Jour 205
Aujord’hui, je dois aller au France.
Except, I can’t go to France just ‘cause the book tells me to. It’s NaNoWriMo, it’s the middle of midterms, Thanksgiving’s coming soon, it’s just a bad time to go to France. Even if I could afford it. Sigh.
But good thing je parle français! I can pretend I’m in France.
My roommate wakes up at about 5 this morning. It’s Saturday. Bleh.
I try to eat French food for lunch today, but there really isn’t much of a choice of food in the dining commons. Lucky me though, they have croissants, which are not only French but I also love them. Yum.
I wish I could go to France. I love France. The country is beautiful, the history is fascinating, and the art and the music and the language are all just amazing. Plus, French food is the best in the world.


Any of my loyal readers (all 2 of you) want to give me money to go to France?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 204: Be serious [and NaNo]

Day 204
Today, I need to be as serious as possible.
I try to do this, try to take everything Mike says at face value, but I just keep forgetting. Plus, I’m too sarcastic a person.
It’s been a long, Mike-filled day.
Also, I reached 25,000 words for my novel today, so I’m awesome. I’m halfway done with the book before I’m halfway done with the month.


I'm not at 25k yet. I'm not even at 20k. I'm behind!
(well not really, I'm on track for the schedule I set for myself this month)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 203: Pyramid scheme

Day 203
Today, I’m supposed to participate in a pyramid scheme, but since that’s illegal, I won’t.
I hang out with Mike, and I need to buy new pants. But the first place we go, nothing fits.
I start crying. I hate feeling fat.
I tell Mike that I’m going to stop eating. I’m completely serious about this when I say it. I don’t want to be fat anymore. I don’t want to turn into one of those people so obese that I need a wheelchair to get around. I’m upset.
It’s at this time I also tell Mike that I was scared he might cheat on me yesterday. This is big and dramatic and if it was a movie there would be kissing and dramatic music followed by a cut to a scene showing it’s all okay.
There was kissing, and it was all okay because I managed to find pants later, but no dramatic music.
And that’s pretty much the high point of my day.


I'm really sick today.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 202: Take a pregnancy test

Day 202
Today, I’m supposed to take a pregnancy test.
I’m on my period. I’m not pregnant.
I go to classes, classes are too long, then I go to a meeting for the cooking show I auditioned for a while ago. I didn’t get the host position, but I’ll be helping with the production crew. I’m going to help come up with ideas, then I get to be the one to test the recipes.
Fun times.
Later, Mike texts me that he’s with a friend of his who’s breaking up with her boyfriend. I don’t like this. I’ve never met this girl and Mike’s told me that he used to have a crush on her. And he’s going to be the one comforting her after a breakup?
I don’t want to be a jealous girlfriend, but honestly, I’m scared. I know, if I think about it, that all he’s doing is being a good friend to her. I know he has female friends and I’ve never been jealous before.
But something about this just makes me nervous. I can’t be logical when I imagine this girl is going to turn to Mike on the rebound and he’s going to go back to his old crush on her and forget all about me.
I’m texting him and I’m not telling him what I’m scared of. I’m not going to tell him. I know next year when I finally publish this he’ll read it and go “oh i’m so sorry” and I’ll be all “oh it’s okay” and it will be okay then. But right now, it isn’t.


And now, a year later, it is okay.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 201: Be an artist

Day 201
Today, I’m supposed to be a contemporary artist. So I draw a smiley face on a table in the dining commons.
I’m not an artist. I have a message, and it’s coming through my stories, not through art.
Also, I watch Glee tonight and it makes me cry.


I can't remember exactly but I think that Glee was the one where Kurt's dad had a heart attack.
who didn't cry at that one?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 200: message in a bottle [and geocaching]

Day 200
Today I have to send a message in a bottle.
I’ve been talking to Mike about this one a few days in advance, and we decided to hide our own geocache.
I make it and it’s all set up but I can’t hide it. Without a gps, it’s impossible to really hide properly.
Then, I get to actually see Mike. I’m at his house right now. Yay.
And also I just got him to agree to come to UMass with me later to hide the cache, so mission REALLY accomplished!
Except he remembered he had class in the morning, so we didn’t hide it yet.


We kind of lost the geocache. We hid it but never put it online.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 199: Memorize facts

Day 199
Today I’m supposed to memorize a list of random facts for whatever reason.
So I do, it’s not hard.
Today starts with dying my hair. Now I’m a strawberry blonde and it looks fantastic.
Then, I go back to school. I’m in a bad mood ‘cause it’s just a miserable overcast day. But then I see Mike and it’s all better.
We randomly decide that we should go out on a real date. Dinner and a movie, Mike pays, it’s all good. We go to Arizona Pizza and see Due Date. I hadn’t even heard of that movie before going to the theater, but it was actually pretty good.
Then I have to say goodbye to Mike ‘cause he’s tired. Boo.
Also, to prove I have memorized the list, I’m now telling you that the second most common name for a cat is Patches.


I've forgotten all those random facts.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 198: Have a good cry

Day 198
Today I have work again, after the first time in a while. I think I may cry.
Which is good. Today’s task is to have a good cry. Just let it all out.
I haven’t yet ‘cause I haven’t been alone yet. But I am so tired right now.
I still haven’t yet and it’s like 10.
I did tear up a bit because I had ice cream for dessert and wanted to put the bowl on the ground for Molly to lick. Then I remembered she’s not here.
Finally, it’s realizing that I haven’t talked to Mike all day and probably won’t at all that makes me cry.
I hate crying.
Also tonight I stay up till 2 am so I can see it change back to 1 am. I’M A TIME TRAVELER


trust me I cry (almost) every day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 197: Practce your signature

Day 197
Today, I need to practice my signature, so that I will have an awesome autograph when I’m famous.
The Book says nothing about how I become famous, but I know I’ll be famous for publishing a book. Probably the one I’m writing right now.
It’s awesome. By the time this blog is published, the book will be too. Even if I have to publish it myself as an e-book. People will be reading my story.
I hang out at the mall with Ari. I try buying some new jeans for myself and learn I apparently didn’t lose weight like I thought I did. Boo.
At least I don’t need to be skinny to be smart. I can be a fat famous author. And I will.
I practice my signature while signing for a credit card. My signature is awesome like it’s always been. The S in Stephanie is all loopy, the rest is a scribble, and ‘Mann’ becomes just a line.


Book ain't published.
but I'm writing another one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 196: Keep track of your mannerisms

Day 196
Today I go home.
Today I have to keep track of my mannerisms. Mostly I notice I rub my nose a lot.
There’s really not much else.
Oh, my tooth got fixed.
I am so tired.


still so tired.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 195: Make a snowball

Day 195
Today, I’m supposed to make a snowball.
I’m really not sure this is possible with the tiny freezer that I have, so I won’t.
Today I see Mike. And I like spending time with him.
Today is too long and tomorrow I go home. I’m looking forward to it.


I am so tired
Maybe I'll move posting to night so I'm coherent.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 194: Message from our sponsors

Day 194
Today is a message from the book’s sponsors.
Today also, I vote. For the first time. It’s pretty cool.
Mike was supposed to be here today, but he gets called into work, so I’ll see him tomorrow. Good for him that he’s making extra money, but I want him here. Boo.


Today's post is late because of the massive power outages cutting out my internet.