Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 254: New Punctuation

Day 254
Finish the book.
Exercise more.
Wear my retainer more.
Also, today’s task is to create a new punctuation mark. I couldn’t think of one, so I’m using a combination now. Sarcasm can be denoted by a period and a second punctuation mark. This is a sarcastically happy sentence, like one a valley girl would say.!
I’m tired of working. 4 more days and I’m done.
Oh also, I’m going to use today to clarify existing punctuation. A shocked question ends in ‘?!’ and nothing else, just that.


Happy new year.
I managed to do two of those resolutions.
I exercised more, and lost about 15 pounds this year, and did finish the book.
bad with the retainer though.
My goal this year is lose 20 pounds.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 253: Mix a drink

Day 253
Today is New Year’s Eve. I’ve been cooking allllllll day.
Today my task is to mix an alcoholic drink. Okay, I don’t drink yet, but I can do this. I have to have my parents buy the ingredients and promise that I’ll make a virgin one for myself, and okay.


I can drink in just over two months. woo.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 252: Imagine everyone naked

Day 252
Today, I’m supposed to imagine everyone naked.
…this is disturbingly easy.
Today’s long, but tomorrow I get to see Mike. Not until really late, which makes me sad, and for a while I’m thinking he shouldn’t come at all, but I eventually say okay he can come. I really really want to see him.


The next few days have entries all about Mike.
I miss him, okay?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 251: Read your palm

Day 251
Today I’m supposed to read my palm, but the palm-reading guide in the book is way different than what I already know. What I know says that I’m a passionate person who will have a long fulfilling life, the book says I’m lonely and gonna die young.
So. Yeah.
Today at work was super busy. Like, 5 straight hours of nonstop customers busy. Exhausting.
I’m working now on my menu for New Year’s Eve dinner. Mike may be coming, and I want to cook lots of things and show off for him.


I want to see Mike.
It's starting to hit me that I haven't seen him for over a week and it's going to be another 3 weeks before I do.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 250: Tell a joke

Day 250
Today, I had to learn how to tell one joke properly.
I tried to figure it out, but the one joke I wanted to tell, I really couldn’t.
I was joking and sarcastic all day like I usually am, so that works.
Um. Today was long and I had a headache for the last 3 hours of my shift. But now I’m home and all better.


I know it hasn't been long since my last post, but it's technically the 27th already and I won't have a computer tomorrow.

Day 249: Post Christmas blah

Day 249
Today sucks, okay? I don’t even understand today’s task, I’m stuck inside, and I’m trying to bake while my mom’s telling me that I’m doing it all wrong. So, I don’t want to write a long blog here.


After Christmas blues.
They always suck. I feel blah.
This is a haiku.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 248: Society rules

Day 248
Today, I have to do whatever society tells me to do.
So on my break at work, I try McDonald’s new oatmeal. It’s surprisingly good.
Work is extremely slow. As in, our lunch rush is maybe 20 people.
Anyways, I get out, and it’s snowing hard, and there’s a blizzard warning and a state of emergency. I think society is telling me to stay inside. So I do.


Merry Christmas everyone

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 247: Chopsticks

Day 247
Okay, I’m not sick, yay.
And it’s Christmas!
Today’s task is to eat everything with chopsticks. I made a deal with my mom that I wouldn’t do that because she likes having a nice Christmas dinner. But I will eat other meals with chopsticks.
My presents are awesome. I got the Glee DVDs, some giftcards, books I wanted, some clothes, cooking magazine subscription, and $200 in cash. Yayyyyy.
Also, I don’t suck with chopsticks. Granted, I’m using the learning chopsticks, but still.


Now, it's Christmas Eve. :D

Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 246: Expand your vocabulary

Day 246
I’m not using an amanuensis to write this today. It gives me a sense of bonhomie to say what today’s task is (except not really): expand my vocabulary. Hopefully that explains my cynosure on crazy words in here.
I don’t know how to work duenna into a sentence.
Actually, I could go through the alphabet of vocab words in the book, but it’d read like a middle school English class exercise. So, yeah, I won’t.
Did you know the word fallopian, as in fallopian tubes, actually means prone to error? Interesting. At least I thought it was. But I’m a nerd.
Also I saw Tangled, that was pretty good, but SICK BAD.
Okay, not so sick anymore. I’ll be fine tomorrow.
Or I’ll be too excited and happy to feel sick. It’s CHRISTMAS.


Now, it's Christmas Eve Eve! :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 245: Diet

Day 245
Ha, my bullshitting a while ago? Two more answers were chosen as the best.
Anyways. Today I’m supposed to be on a diet. Okay, I should be doing this anyways.
I try one of the McDonald’s salads, not bad. I get a light dressing to keep the calories down.
One guy today is going to call corporate on us because we refused to change the rules for him. We have these coupons for buy fries and a drink, get a sandwich for free. We have been told that this only applies to sandwiches, not the chicken strips and nugget value meals. Simple, right?
Well, this guy comes in, and hands me a coupon, and tells me, “I’m going to get the 10-piece nuggets instead of a sandwich.”
I could tell from his tone of voice that he wasn’t going to accept just me saying no, so I told him I would have to ask a manager (despite I knew the answer).
The guy replied, “Well, you go ask, but I’ve done this eight times before, and they always let me get the nuggets.”
Of course, manager says no. So the guy asks to talk to him, which I pretty much figured would happen.
The manager comes out, explains to the guy that nuggets are not a sandwich, and the coupon shouldn’t have been used to get them the past eight times. He was not changing the rules.
So the guy asks for the 800 number and my name and my manager’s name, and storms out, telling us that he’s never coming back because clearly we don’t know it’s all about customer service.
Yeah, we give terrible service because we won’t change the rules for you? On really busy days, we give out coupons to people who wait longer than 5 minutes. We will always remake a sandwich, give free refills, exchange a Happy Meal toy when asked. You don’t even have to ask politely, just throw it on the counter and we’ll smile and take care of it (we may inwardly hate you, but you won’t know it)!
Where I work has good customer service. Seriously, people give me tips. Have you ever heard of a McDonald’s employee making tips? (usually, though, I put that money in the charity box. Except today because it was a whole dollar and I needed that so I could get fries with my lunch.)
So next time someone tells me we have terrible customer service, I’m going to point them to the wall of certificates and awards that we have proclaiming how fantastic we are. I’m really proud of our great service, and screw you if you’re not satisfied.
Wow, that was a long rant.
Also, now I’m really hungry.


The service level went down a little bit when we got a new manager who just doesn't give a crap about customers.

Day 244: Plan my day

Day 244
Hey, remember my bullshitting on the internet? One of my answers got chosen as the best.
Anyways today I was supposed to plan my day down to the minute. Most of my schedule is workworkworkworkworkwork.
Today’s easier than yesterday. And tomorrow’s my last day for a while.
I’m sleepytired now.
No terrible customers except this one guy who almost made me cry. I was having an off day, putting in orders wrong and messing up a lot. Customers were generally understanding.
This guy, what happened wasn’t even my fault. We were suddenly really busy, and someone had walked off with his order in the rush.
We couldn’t find his order to put it in again—I had a manager come over to help me, even. And the guy is yelling at me. He pointed out the girl who’d given the order to the wrong person and he yelled at me that she’d messed up!
I was close to tears and shaking a little bit, but for the most part, other customers after that were nice about things.
He seemed most offended that I couldn’t recognize him. We had over 20 customers in 15 minutes. How was I supposed to remember the faces and orders of each one? Besides, I don’t tend to associate faces with names or orders, I associate what they’re wearing. This guy was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, like four other guys who were waiting, including the one who took his order.


Shh I totally posted this yesterday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 243: Princess Diana

Day 243
Today I’m supposed to remember Princess Diana.
I vaguely remember her death, but I was young. I have absolutely no idea why she was important (besides being a princess) and I really don’t understand why people still care.
Generation gap I guess?
Today was not as long as yesterday, but I’m still really exhausted.
Oh also a 30-something woman today wanted a free toy because it was her birthday. We do that for like, seven year olds.


It's really early. idk why I'm up.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 242: Opposite hand

Day 242
I’m exhausted.
Today I was supposed to use my left hand, but most of my job was no hands as I was just training most of the day.
I used my left hand to balance coins. Balancing coins is my hobby at work. I get so bored.
Also, it’s finally really snowing.
Oh, also today I moved the mouse to the left side of my computer. Threw me off like a lot.

Last year this was only 5 days before Christmas before it started to snow? Maybe this year's crazy weather isn't that bad.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 241: Name online

Day 241
Today, I have to make sure my name’s on the internet.
I have a Facebook, so, it is.
How was my day today? Long day at work.
There was a crazy lady there. Like, talking out loud to herself all day kind of crazy. We think she might be homeless. She ordered one coffee and tried to keep getting refills all day.
Other than that, pretty uneventful. I trained a new girl, and people were surprisingly patient with her.
The least patient one was this man who was in a hurry, but he was at least nice about it. He just explained he was rushing and could I please take over.
I’m happy when customers are nice to me.


I remember the crazy lady.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 240: Sdrawkcab

Day 240
Today, I’m supposed to live my day backwards.
This is hard to do, but I’m trying. Ugh.
I’m too stuck to my schedule. I get panic attacks with changing it, so this is really hard.


I have to get blood drawn this morning I don't wannaaaaaa

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 239: Bullshit the internet [and going home]

Day 239
I have a final early this morning, okay, I do it, the end.
Then I pack up my room, and Mike takes me home.
I like spending the day with him. Even when we get home, we get to go see a movie together. Tron. So good, even though I fell asleep at parts. (hey, I got up early.)
Then I’m finally really home, my stuff all unpacked, and I’m alone. My parents are filming a play in Portsmouth, so they’re spending the night there since it’s so far. I’m all alone for the rest of tonight and most of tomorrow.
Today’s task was to bullshit on the internet. Easy enough, everyone does that. So I answered the most recent questions on Yahoo Answers. Here is what I said:
Someone asked about bringing a dog into Germany. I know nothing about this. “I don't know about the paperwork, sorry.
But for the landing in Britain question, that depends on a few things, I think. Are you going to leave the airport at any time with the dog? because if so, then yes the dog needs to satisfy the requirements. If you're not leaving the airport, are you going to be with your dog or will it be in a carrier in the cargo area? If it's treated as cargo, then don't worry about the requirements, but if you're going to be with it, you should definitely find out more.”
Another asked about the compatibility of roommates based on astrological signs. “I think you two will be okay, but not super great friends. Not much in common, but you won't absolutely hate each other”
Someone asked why no one swears in EastEnders, which all I know is it’s a British soap opera. I think. “Kids can watch it.” Two thumbs up on that.
Someone asked about reapplying for a FAFSA. “You can try reapplying, but you may be declined because you already applied. If that happens, just call whoever's running FAFSA (I forget who that is) and explain your situation and it should be fine. or not, 'cause it is the government and they're really frustrating to deal with at times.”
An opinion one: would you rather listen to Christian or classical music for the rest of your life? “I'd prefer Christian. I'm not Christian myself, but the "genre" of music covers a large variety of styles, so I'd at least get to hear some different things.” How did I get a thumbs-down on this?
Someone asked about a loan and something about real estate and I copied someone else’s answer. “I don't think it's required, but that might depend on where you are.
It's not a bad thing. Your real estate agent is not trying to scam you by making you get one.” A thumbs up.
So apparently I’m good at this bullshitting thing. Except for that thumbs-down one, but that was an opinion. I’m pretty sure that people just hate me because I can respect the music despite being agnostic. Omg, tolerance? What kind of madness is this?


I'm leaving school today, but without Mike. boo.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 238: Send a telegram [and going home]

Day 238
Today I’m supposed to…I already forgot. I should go look that up.
Okay, send a telegram.
Do telegrams still exist?
Apparently not. I find one site claiming they’ll send one, but they won’t give prices (I know it’s based on how much you say, but they could still give approximate prices before you actually pay for it), also that site looks not well maintained and therefore unsafe to put my credit card number in.
Western Union advertises sending telegrams on Google, but the actual website shows they stopped that and now they’ll just do money orders.
So I cannot possibly do today’s task.
My roommate’s finally gone and I am aloneeee.
And then Mike’s here and it’s really nice to be with him. Also, now he’s going to be the one taking me home.


I kind of wish Mike could bring me home again.
I miss spending time with him. He's been working a lot lately and I barely see him.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 237: New emotion

Day 237
Today, I’m supposed to experience a new emotion.
How do I feel today? Blecky.
That’s when the day is blah and everything’s icky. It’s icky cold weather, I have a blah final, I have to spend hours with Mike being blah bored, and every single bathroom I come across today is icky.
I do get to have a nice dinner out with Mike though, so that’s very nice.


I feel blecky again today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 236: Chase a butterfly

Day 236
It’s not 100 days till I’m done with the book, silly me.
My dad comes today to pack up most of my room. He’s only here for a few hours, but that’s okay. The room feels so empty.
Mike helps with the packing, but he just left to go see a friend’s swim meet. I would’ve gone, but my tailbone can’t handle sitting on bleachers right now.
Anyways. He’ll be back later.
Today’s task is to chase a butterfly away from its path to see if it really does cause a hurricane somewhere. It’s kind of hard to find a butterfly out in the snow, but I did chase a fly.


Mike won't be helping with packing this year.
I'm sad. I get why. He has to work. I just wish he would come.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 235: Memorize this girl

Day 235
100 days till I’m done with the book.
I make absolutely sure to do today’s task (memorize the features of a girl in the book—she’s got medium length average brown hair, greenish brown eyes, small nose, generally soft features but a look on her face that shows she won’t put up with any shit) and I just want to be sure nothing bad will happen.
Well, today still kind of sucks ‘cause I get kicked out of the lounge area, Mike has to leave me for 3 hours, and my butt hurts.
But I do get to spend the whole day with Mike so that part’s good.
Mike doesn’t seem to be having a good day, but he’s being a good boyfriend by being with me when I want him to be here. He could’ve just dropped me off at the bus this morning.
We kind of argue with each other when I start nagging him (he hasn’t registered for classes for next semester yet! and I want him to do that) but we get over that and we’re good.


Mike never did get into classes that semester but I don't nag him as much now. I just worry a bit about him.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 234: Buy a newspaper

Day 234
Today I’m supposed to buy a newspaper. I forget to do this, and the day goes bad.
Mike and I can’t hang out till really late. I misread the bus schedule and I’m stuck waiting outside in pouring rain for over an hour.
Then, I spend some time with Mike, happy time. We go visit a friend.
But when we leave, there’s trouble. It’s still raining, and we’re on the top floor of a building with outside stairs that are very narrow. I slip.
I fall down half a flight before I’m able to stop. It’s absolutely terrifying and painful.
I have trouble sitting in Mike’s car and so I ask him to take me to the hospital. I think my tailbone is broken.
It takes a long time to get seen, and I’m scared and in pain. This is the first time I’ve been in the hospital in years, and the first time I’ve gone in without my parents.
Mike is really great, staying with me.
It turns out that my tailbone is only bruised. But it really really really hurts and it will take a while to heal.


I remember that. It hurt.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 233: Christmas shopping

Day 233
Today, I have to finish my Christmas shopping.
Okay, earlier in the year, this would be another one of the book’s ridiculous tasks. But on December 11, it’s kind of perfect timing.
I did mostly everything yesterday, like I said. So I decide, okay, I’ll make a present for Mike’s family. I’ve been dating Mike for about 10 months now, I eat dinner at his house a couple nights a week, so it seems like it would be a nice idea to return the favor by giving them a present.
So I make some fudge. It’s chilling right now.
Fudge turns out good, I’ll be giving it to Mike’s parents tomorrow.
And yeah, that was pretty much my whole day. Boring, huh?


It's one of those weird things where last year matches this year. I plan on making fudge & cookies for Mike's family.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 232: Heat

Day 232
Today, I have to keep the heat on as high as possible.
I keep it on as high as my roommate will allow. I’m trying to be nice to her before I leave the room.
I do say definitely no to opening the window. It’s one of my pet peeves, plus that would be freezing.
I actually spend most of the day with Mike. At the mall. Yay mall.
I buy some stuff for myself, some books, new bras, snow boots. And I finish my Christmas shopping with gifts for my mom and for my friends.
I think I may do a bit more tomorrow, but I’m mostly done.
The mall was warm. I kept my jacket on so I’d still be hot.

Christmas shopping is kind of fun.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 231: ID

Day 231
Today I’m supposed to use the website to get a unique ID number.
They’ve changed the website since the book was published. Sigh.
I finish with two of my classes today. Now I just have two finals and my semester is over. Yay.
Also, Mike’s here for a while today, and I love having him around. He’s a great guy.


I don't know what to say. it's early.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 230: Deny

Day 230
Today I’m supposed to deny myself something.
Um. Um. I have no idea.
Music? Sure that works. I will not touch my iPod.
The universe apparently decides for me, as Netflix suddenly stops service.
It was weird. I was watching a sitcom, and I could only hear the laugh track. Could not figure out what was going on. Went to report it, and I received an error message that I could no longer watch streaming because of account issues. Problem is, it’s my dad handling the account so I need to get him to fix it.
My period? Still not here. I’m terrified.
I read a lot of stuff about skipping periods, and I have skipped one before, so I’m like 95% sure I’m not pregnant.
It’s still scary, though.
I chug a lot of orange juice because I read online that vitamin C can induce periods. If it doesn’t come by Friday, I’ll be buying some vitamin C tablets.
Also I’m taking a pregnancy test tomorrow. That terrifies me more than the missed period! But I know Mike would prefer knowing, I got him worried now too.
I talk to my mom and I feel better about that. She says I’m probably okay.
Then really late at night, I get my period finally. Okay.


I'm worried about my period again this month, but also about finals and about being sick and about Mike's birthday present that hasn't gotten here yet.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 229: What do you want to do with your life

Day 229
Today I have to decide what I want to do with my life.
I know this.
I just want to write. I want to have a life where there’s nothing that I ever need to do but write stories. It would be pretty amazing.
My period doesn’t start today (and there’s no guarantee it should, sometimes it starts 3 days in instead of 2, no big deal) and I get all freaked out. For no reason. Boo.


I remember this. this was when I first freaked out over my period.
I know it's gonna happen again this month. I actually can't stay calm, the freaking out is a side effect.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 228: Study your head for bumps

Day 228
Today I’m supposed to study my head for bumps.
I wash my hair this morning, not really sure what’s going to happen with my new haircut without the fancy blowdrying and straightening that the stylist did.
(for those of you wondering, no, I don’t wash my hair every day. That’s not actually good for your hair, you know.)
Later today:
ghostlyhamburger: I'm exhausted because I just spent the past half hour locked out of my dorm.
three.tentotana: That sucks. What was going on?
ghostlyhamburger: I went to the bathroom without my key, the door randomly shut behind me.
ghostlyhamburger: my roommate was both not here, and hates me, so I had to sit in the hall waiting for her to get back, which wouldn't have been till 3.
ghostlyhamburger: But then I got lucky because someone saw me in the hall and offered to take me to the building with the cluster office where I could get an extra key. ironically though, I could not get into that building without a key.
ghostlyhamburger: I got a spare key, then had to stand for 10 minutes outside my dorm for someone to let me in before I could get in my room.
So onto my head bumps.
I do have a bump in the Language faculty section. That means I’m good with languages, right?
Tenderness for offspring. Okay, if I had any.
Disposition for delighting in color patterns. I actually have a dent there. Does that mean I really don’t have that?
I also have a dent for Arithmetical ability. That explains why I’m taking Basic Math Skills. (that and I’m lazy.)
Got a bump in Memory for faces. Haaaa no.
Sense of ruse, yes.
Relative sagacity, yes. Doesn’t that just mean I seem smart in comparison to those around me?
Yes in Metaphysical perspicuity. Not even sure what that one is.
Caustic wit has a big bump. Awesome.
I have a bump for Goodness. Yay.
A dent in Memory for names. That’s true.
So I guess the memory for faces, yeah, I do have that. I know when I’ve seen a person before but I can never remember names.
So anyways. Mike comes here later, and we go to see this talk about sex and relationships. It’s supposed to be funny and it really is.
If I could remember the name of the guy, I’d recommend him. I did actually learn a lot.
And then it made Mike and I have a nice little moment later, talking about it. It wasn’t the most romantic fairy tale moment, it was just a moment when we were happy being together and I really do think that talk helped us with that.
The end.


I don't know I'm tired

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 227: Enter ALL the contests!

Day 227
Today I have to go to the supermarket and enter all the contests.
So I do. Do I win anything? I don’t think so, but I still have yet to open the Dr. Pepper that’s a possible instant win.
Also, Mike is here. We’re just hanging out together.
It’s nice. This is the first time we’ve been alone together in my room without feeling rushed to take advantage of being alone. We can just enjoy hanging out, being on our different computers.


Oh yeah, the crazy rush to sex before my roommate comes back. so glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 226: Do something crazy with your hair

Day 226
I went to Mike’s house early this morning and had some cookies. They’re overnight cookies, the best cookies ever, and so last night we’d made them and I left them at his house to finish overnight.
Anyways. I loved them and I’m really happy, because I’ve never made these without my mom’s help.
Mike and I just hang out, until he has to go to work so he drops me off at the bus stop. Instead of returning to the dorm, I go to the mall to do today’s task—do something crazy with my hair.
I get a haircut. About 5 inches off. It’s so short now, feels kind of weird.
Also, does my roommate notice? No. I look totally different, she lives with me, and she doesn’t comment.


I haven't been growing my hair out since then. I actually like it short.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 225: Keep away from electricity

Day 225
Today I couldn’t write an entry because I had to be away from electricity all day.


the universe doesn't like me having electricity. I had to do the same thing agaijn this year.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 224: Cut in line [and a fight]

Day 224
ghostlyhamburger: there was this bitchy girl in my music class.
ghostlyhamburger: I was kind of a bitch back, but she started it, so.
hersheykid101: what happened?
ghostlyhamburger: we were doing a worksheet, and she raised her hand, then to get the teacher's attention, she shouted out MISS LADY? MISS TEACHER LADY?
ghostlyhamburger: so that was annoying, so I commented, "just go up there instead of waving your hand like an idiot".
hersheykid101: she doesn't know the teachers name yet?
ghostlyhamburger: Apparently no.
ghostlyhamburger: Then she looked at me and asked "excuuuuuse me? did you call me an idiot?"
ghostlyhamburger: I shrugged, and she started ranting about how she wasn't bothering me and how I had no right to call her an idiot. I just completely ignored her until she stopped talking.
hersheykid101: thats where you say "i didn't call you an idiot, i said you were acting like one."
ghostlyhamburger: Then I overheard her talking to her friends about how much of a bitch I am, and so I said, "You know that I can hear you, right?" her response: "I know."
ghostlyhamburger: Then she started ranting at me again about how she wasn't bothering me, so I commented this time, "actually, yeah you were. You're really annoying."
ghostlyhamburger: her: well, you're really annoying 'cause I wasn't bothering you!
me: well, you're like, really like, annoying 'cause like, you say like like, every other like, sentence.
ghostlyhamburger: (which she really did, I've just been omitting those.)
hersheykid101: ah
hersheykid101: ok
hersheykid101: i figured that was part of the ranting you were talking about.
ghostlyhamburger: then she actually started yelling at me and it was getting way out of hand, so I just stood up and moved. She kept yelling at me until I stopped responding, probably because she absolutely had to have the last word.
ghostlyhamburger: I was kind of upset for a while, but I could hear her talking about what a total bitch I am through the whole class, and after a while it just seemed pathetic. This is college. we no longer need high school drama.
hersheykid101: drama never goes away.
Also, today I was supposed to cut in line. I did that.


In retrospect I might've been kind of mean to her to start.
But girl was still a bitch.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 223: Keep track of every passing minute

Day 223
Today I’m supposed to keep track of every passing minute. I try, but today’s so boring.
I go volunteer for a psych experiment, earn $10 for letting them measure my brain waves.
Then I need to shower because whatever the solution that they put the electrodes in, it was gross and it got on my hair.
I fell asleep in my first class. And then the discussion part was kind of terrifying. We had to watch a movie about mad cow disease, and it included very graphic scenes of cows being slaughtered. Poor cows.
Then it was pouring rain. I run back to my dorm without an umbrella and I want it to be nice and warm but my roommate HAS THE WINDOW OPEN with a box propping it up. I literally throw that box on the floor, then slam the window shut. I think she got the message, but next time I leave the room, she just opens the window again.
I hate her, okay? She’s a terrible roommate.


I love having a single room now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 222: Vortex

Day 222
Today, I’m supposed to work the word ‘vortex’ into all conversations. I should have done this before but I forgot.
So yeah. I will later.
I totally forgot this which is why I might have almost died in a bus crash. The driver obviously couldn’t drive in the rain and I spent the ride terrified for my life. I don’t really want to talk more, but Mike did surprise me by driving me to the dorm, beating me here, and giving me a big hug. So yeah, that part was nice.
Oh also Mike liked his birthday gift.


I actually forgot what I gave Mike.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 221: Organ donation

Day 221
Today I’m supposed to choose what organs can be donated after I die.
Anything they can use. It’s all cool.


The body is no longer important after death, so why not let other people use it?
Not in a necrophilia way of course, that would be creepy.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 220: Live today as if it were your last

Day 220
Today I’m supposed to live this day as if it were my last.
If I had known this before I went to work? I wouldn’t have gone to work.
I mean, money’s good, but if I’m dying tomorrow, I’m not gonna be able to spend it.
But at least I pig out on McDonald’s burgers and milkshake after work.
I freak out later tonight, ‘cause the internet dies and my dad can’t fix it for like an hour. But then he does, and it’s all good.
How do I live this day as if it were my last? I pig out. I talk to Mike a lot, but I can’t be with him, much as I really really want to.
Anyways, now for some stories as I told them to Mike, about crazy people at my work today.
ghostlyhamburger: 1. A woman who even my manager called crazy. she ordered a coffee in the morning, then sat on one of the barstool kind of chairs for literally two hours just swinging her feet like a little kid.
ghostlyhamburger: then she asked for a coffee refill. I made it for her, overfilled it a little bit, and gave it to her. She asked for some extra cream, no problem, I gave her the little creamer packets. then this conversation:
ghostlyhamburger: "No, I want the kind in the dispenser."
"This is exactly the same."
"I know."
"I want the kind in the dispenser."
ghostlyhamburger: The reason I didn't want to do that is because that coffee is hot (I've burned my hand twice before pouring it) and the cream dispenser tends to splash the coffee. onto my hand.
anyways, gave her the crean, only slightly burned my hand. then she leaned against the table for a full hour before wandering out.
ghostlyhamburger: 2. this one is a nice story. one of the regular customers, this old guy came in and asked for coffee and to pay for it tomorrow. a couple of the regulars ask this, and we're told that no we can't do that.
ghostlyhamburger: the woman in line behind him offered to pay for his coffee, since it was only a dollar. and that was a really nice thing and it was one of those THE WORLD IS GOOD moments.
ghostlyhamburger: after she gave him the money, she said "Happy Thanksgiving". he then commented, after she left, that Thanksgiving was Thursday but apparently some people didn't know that.
hersheykid101: ...
hersheykid101: she just bought you coffee.
hersheykid101: really?
hersheykid101: really??
ghostlyhamburger: He's mentally disabled.
hersheykid101: oh. ok.
hersheykid101: i'll shut up now.
ghostlyhamburger: I probably should have mentioned that at the start of the story.


I remember that day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 219: Test volume levels

Day 219
Today I worked another eight hours, so tired.
Also I’m supposed to test volume levels, see when my parents ask me to turn down the TV. Yeah won’t take long.
Okay, normally my mom would’ve asked me to turn it down by now but idk why she hasn’t. and it’s too loud for me so I give up.


My throat hurts.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 218: Start a collection

Day 218
Today, I’m supposed to start a collection.
It’s Black Friday. So I can easily find something to collect.
I get some Silly Bandz.
I also get most of my Christmas shopping done.
So, then I go to work to pick up my paycheck and see if I’m working this weekend. And apparently I am working. Tonight. For 7 hours.
Um, okay, more money, but I was up really early for shopping.
It turns out to be really dead and they let me go 2 hours early, but now I’m so tired and I haven’t finished my story yet!
So close to finishing. I have to do this tonight, I’m just so close that I can’t wait to be done!


Oh yeah, working. Not doing that this weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 217: Celebrities only [and Thanksgiving]

Day 217
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
Today I’ve got nothing to do because today’s task is for celebrities only. I’m not a celebrity. Yet.
I might finish my NaNoWriMo novel today. I’m at almost 49k words.
It’s a nice Thanksgiving. Lots of food, lots of watching TV and relaxing, lots of not quite making it to that 49k yet. I’m going to bed early, so I’m not finishing today.


nothing else lines up but Thanksgiving does.
that doesn't make sense 'cause I'm tired.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 216: Live for the moment [and sick]

Day 216
Today I feel sick.
I’m supposed to live for the moment, but I can do that later when I’m at home. (Because that’s when the Book decided the moment is.)
I’m sick because of my roommate. The dry air is making my throat hurt, and I’ve told her that, so what does she do? Sleeps with the window open. She seriously opens it every time she enters the room, and then I have to close it.
Anyways. I feel better through lots of Tylenol, Sudafed, water, and cough drops.
I have to give a presentation in one of my classes, but then I’m able to go home. So now I’m just sitting here waiting for my dad to show up. Also waiting for Mike to show up, but I’ve given up on him. He said he’d be here an hour ago, but he hasn’t texted in a while.
I would cry over Mike, but crying would just make my throat hurt worse.
Mike does show up, then my dad shows up, then I go home. I’m so happy to be home.
I really love being here. It’s warm and my throat doesn’t hurt.
I have my truffle at the right moment, except it’s an hour late because I have issues with military time. Oops.


I'm sick at the same time of year as I was last year. interesting.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 215: Greet the new babies

Day 215
Today, I’m supposed to go to the maternity ward of a hospital and greet the new babies.
This depends on if Mike wants to drive me there, and he doesn’t. So to make up for it, we stroll through the baby aisle of CVS. It kind of freaks me out and reassures me that I do not want a baby yet.
Nothing else interesting happens today. I spend time with Mike, yay, and watch Glee, and the end.


I developed antibiotic resistance. fffff

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 214: Test your IQ

Day 214
Today, I’m supposed to test my IQ.
According to the test, it’s 125. Above average.
I’ve always wondered what my IQ is. My parents and past teachers have called me a genius in the past, and though I don’t really think that’s true, I’ve always been curious. What if it is?
Anyways. Mike comes here today in the morning, and that’s nice. But then he has to leave, and that’s sad.
I’m supposed to go to a concert for my music class today. I go to it, stay for the first half, leave, and plan to BS my way through the report.
If any of my music teachers are reading this? YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT YOUR JOB.
But that assignment I had the meltdown on yesterday? It’s been accepted anyways. Yay for that.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 213: Stage a crime

Day 213
Today, I’m supposed to stage a crime in front of a security camera and see if anyone notices.
I don’t really do much all day. Except have a meltdown because I learned about an assignment that I apparently had to do a few weeks ago, but never knew about.
Anyways. I don’t feel like reliving that.
Mike is here right at the tail end of that meltdown, so he helps me.
We walk around for a while, then go to a convenience store near my dorm to buy some food for dinner. There, Mike gropes me in front of the security camera. Crime committed, I guess?
We end up not buying food there, and ordering a pizza instead. Yummy pizza.


I'm not sure why I bother to do this blog anymore.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 212: Write your dreams

Day 212
Today, I’m supposed to write tonight’s dreams in the Book.
So I will tonight. That means during the day, nothing really happens.
Mike surprises me with a visit today. That’s nice. J
I almost forget to use the book, but right before I go to bed, I put it and a pen beside my bed.
Here are the notes I wrote about my dream:
New DP episode
Vlad made more Danny clones—all evil
Danny really hurt Dani, also evil
Darkest DP ever
Something about a van
Vlad kidnapped Jazz
Couldn’t wait to tell Steph about new eps.

So I’m pretty sure that this dream reveals that I’m still fairly obsessed with Danny Phantom. Having a dream about new episodes is really not a new thing for me.
I think everyone who’s been in a TV show fandom and then the show got cancelled, you understand what I mean. It just hurts to have an obsession taken away from you, and even though I’m over that pain, I still really miss how amazing that show was to me.


I still miss Danny Phantom.
I know by this time it's been almost 4 years and it was just a cartoon.
But I lost the fandom.