Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 264: PErsonal ad

Day 264
Today, I am supposed to put a personal ad in the paper.
I do not do this, as I am miles away from my local newspaper and without internet access.
Today, we go to Epcot. We do all the big rides while I search for Hidden Mickeys, such a fun time.
Best part? One of the cast members tells me about a Mickey not even in the book. It’s so hard to see, but it’s one of those once you see it, you can’t miss it things. I plan on emailing the guy who wrote the book to tell him about it.
I love the rides, I love being in Disney, it’s so amazing.
We get stuck on Spaceship Earth, and it’s uncomfortable ‘cause I have a small cold and we’re stuck tilted downhill. After a few minutes, it gets hard to breathe.
But it’s all okay, and the day is long and awesome.

My head hurts.


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