Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 260: Embrace change

Day 260
Today I have to embrace change for the sake of change.
I spend my life by routine. I didn’t today.
I decided to go hang out with one of my best friends for lunch out of the blue. And we had a good lunch. We haven’t had time to see each other in a long time, but we’ve been texting.
Anyways. Then, I’m supposed to pack up my stuff for school, but instead of taking hours to carefully pack it all, I leave it till the last minute. This could be a problem later, but today I don’t care.
Then, my parents and I go to a hotel. We’re flying off to Orlando early tomorrow morning, so we’re going to stay at a hotel near the airport tonight. I so can’t wait to be in nice warm Florida!


I got a story published.


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