Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 263: Disinfect [Disneyworld!]

Day 263
Today, I’m supposed to disinfect things.
Today we go to the Harry Potter area of the park. It’s so amazing. Everything seems straight out of the movies, and it’s just fantastic.
We ride the big new hyped ride twice. It lives up to the hype. I can’t even describe it really, it’s unlike any ride I’ve ever been on before.
There’s a malfunction on the Jurassic Park ride later in the day (we rode it again!) and it has such a shaky start that the seat back slams into us and my neck and my mom’s back are both in pain. When we get off the ride, my mom complains, and the guy operating the ride shrugs it off and tells us to move on. There’s three people in the boat behind us, and lots of room.
So when we’re on our way out, my mom goes to complain. We end up getting free fastpasses for rides on our next visit, whenever that may be. Sweet.
Then, we leave the park and have a taxi take us to another hotel. One of the Disney resorts. Yeah, we’re not going to Florida and skipping Disneyworld.
I convince my parents that come on, we so need to go to Downtown Disney instead of taking a break. We’re in Disneyworld, and even though we’re not going to the parks till tomorrow, we can’t just do nothing.
So we go to Downtown Disney, do a bit of shopping, but mostly I start my search for Hidden Mickeys. I have some trouble finding a few of them but mostly I’m pretty good. And I realize wow this is fun.
When I get back to the hotel, I take a shower and consider that disinfecting myself.


I love Disneyworld.
I wanna go back now.


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