Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 261: Impractical gift

Day 261
Today I’m supposed to give someone a totally impractical gift.
I think, okay, I’ll buy something silly from the airport for my parents.
Doesn’t work, as we get there so early that all the stores are closed. We actually have to wait half an hour for Starbucks to open to get any breakfast. (Dunkin Donuts is open that early, but it’s gross greasy food.)
When we land, we stop at a Walgreens to buy toothbrushes and sunscreen, little things we forgot to pack. I buy some Silly Bandz and give them to my mom. Task accomplished.
After we unload at the hotel, take a moment to realize we are in Florida and it is actually warm outside, we head over to the Universal Studios themepark. Last time I was here was 6 years ago. I remember parts of it, but most of it is completely unfamiliar.
But it is so cool. There’s a new roller coaster which is insane, goes straight vertically up to start and then goes almost straight down and it’s awesome. Too bad I only get to ride it once.


I lost a follower for my blog.
It's okay, I know it's not interesting.


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